I am proud to introduce our brand new addition to the Chunk family: The Chunk USA Handmade Fleece Covers.  These are the easiest, and most convenient way to CD in our household.  I’ve used these covers on my son since he was 4 months old, and it has been so incredibly easy and affordable!  We started with one cover and a handful of pre-folds and we were able to get 4 to 5 diaper changes out of the one fleece cover!!!  The super soft fleece fabric is quick drying, so it can be used over and over if needed.  All you have to do is change the pre-fold every time your little chunk is wet, and replace the cover.  

These covers are currently on Amazon for $13.95 in 4 sizes (Newborn 4-8 lbs, Small 8-15 lbs, Medium 14-20 lbs, and Large 18-28 lbs)

View them here:


We can’t wait to see what you think of these awesome covers!  Let us know, and maybe we’ll give you a hint to what the new patterns are! ;)

Disposable Diaper Blues

So, I am ashamed to say, but I used disposable diapers this week. I broke down and had my husband buy a pack of Pampers Cruisers for our beach vacation, because I didn’t want to try and find a washer and miss out on any beach time with the family.

Big mistake. For the first time in the 8 months since we switched to cloth, we had a blowout. It wasn’t even a big poop! Not to mention, as soon as we arrived to the airport, he soaked through a diaper he’d been in less than an hour. I couldn’t believe it! My husband was even confused as to why anyone used disposable diapers, since a pack of 31 costs over $10 and is gone in less than a week.

Needless to say, I am so happy to be going home back to my beautiful Chunk diaper stash tomorrow!